Gambling: When to Raise your Stakes When Winning

Anyone who's gambled has encountered those glorious days where everything went right, where no matter what was bet or what was played, luck was on his or her side. If you have that kind of session and don't take advantage of it then you are as remiss as if you left the table broke after winning a fortune during the course of play.

Say, in craps, when you're in the middle of a hot roll, you raise the come bets after they repeat. For example, if you're making $10 line and come bets and taking single odds on the dice and you're ahead $300 after starting with a bankroll of $500, you now make a usual $10 line bet and two $10 come bets and take single odds.

If a come bet repeats, you raise it to $20 after your payoff and take $20 odds. You raise each come bet to $20 and if the line bet wins you bet $20 on the line. During a hot roll, you keep raising the line and come bets by $10 increments, as long as the hot roll continues.

Remember, a 'hot roll' is not an abstract term. You know of its existence when numbers keep repeating and points are made. In other words, you know a hot roll when you're in the middle of one for you are continually collecting and should be continually raising your bets.

Never anticipate a hot roll. That's what the losers do. They tell themselves, "This is it; I have the feeling the dice are going to get hot," and raise all their bets, and subsequently lose their shirts. That's the loser's psychology, anticipation.

Winners only increase their bets when winning--- with casino money.

If your stake is $500 at the outset of play and increases to $850, the additional $350 was the casino's, but it is now part of your gambling bankroll. To think of it as your own money rather than as part of your bankroll negates the whole idea of gambling. If you think that each $10 bet could be more wisely used for groceries, you would be better off not gambling. You must be confident and aggressive at the table and not think of the chips representing money or goods, your money AND your goods, money you must hold onto at all costs.

If that's the case, you shouldn't gamble; and if anything, bet aggressively with the money you have made from the casino.