Gambling Ads Prompt Fear in Addiction Rise

For the first time, gambling entities will be allowed to air advertisements on television and print under a recently proposed rule in Scotland.

The regulations, while allowing casinos, betting shops and other gambling organizations to promote their trade, has restriction on their print and media ad. The ads cannot target the young and the vulnerable. Likewise, the ads should not link gambling to seduction, sexual success or "enhanced attractiveness".

The government is also launching a public consultation on the legislation, to ensure that the gambling ads are "socially responsible".

The government has been under fire from concerned groups on the stance it has taken on gambling. Glasgow is currently in the race to hosting Britain's first super casino.

Under the rules on putting out gambling adverts, the ads cannot show "socially irresponsible" behavior or acts that could lead to financial, social or emotional harm.

Religious organizations however are concerned that any ads that promote gambling could lead to problems.

But government officials are quick to allay fears in the matter. Andrew Brown, chairman of the Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, said: "The overriding priority is to ensure that gambling advertisements are socially responsible and avoid harming or exploiting children or vulnerable groups."